Balltec MoorLOK™

The MoorLOK™ is the world’s only patented ball and taper subsea mooring connector with over 300 connectors in service. The MoorLOK™ is helping to reduce the CAPEX cost of projects by significantly reducing the installation time associated with mooring hook-up.

The ability to disconnect the MoorLOK™ connector at any time during the life of field can also significantly reduce OPEX costs that may be incurred in the event of mooring line maintenance or replacement.

Whilst some mooring products claim to rival the MoorLOK™ its unique advantages ensure it stands apart from the competition with a 100% failure-free track record. With the world’s largest approved forging diameter of 600 mm (24”) the MoorLOK™ is a subsea mooring connector that cannot be equalled.

Balltec MoorLOK range of permanent, disconnectable subsea mooring connectors are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with DNV Offshore Mooring Chain (2008) and ABS Rules for the Certification of Offshore Mooring Chain (2009).

Features and benefits of MoorLOK

  • Bigger balls and thicker ball cage offers zero risk of damage upon insertion
  • Tool rests in the engaged position ensuring automatic engagement
  • No pins, no protrusions, no ROV intervention during installation
  • Patented TripLOK™ mechanism is failsafe even under zero loading or inversion
  • Heave arrested immediately upon insertion ensuring ease of installation in all weather conditions
  • Release clamps provided with a unique release and latch mechanism to guarantee a successful disconnect throughout the life of the field
  • Low part count
  • Forged from a proprietary grade F22 (mod) steel developed by Balltec metallurgists
  • Over 250 connectors in service across the world
  • 100% successful track record for the tools and the installation process


Additional information


Up to 30,000kN (6,744 kips)


All load bearing machined components manufactured from forged bar to Balltec proprietary specification. Balltec are in joint partnership with Celsa Huta Ostrowiec for the forging of load bearing components. Balltec and Celsa forge all MoorLOK™ connectors to the standards as specified in the ABS Rules for the Certification of Offshore Mooring Chain (2009)


DNV, ABS, BV, Lloyds, Other

Proof Load

According to class


All connection types including Padeye (to LTM Shackle or H-Link), Clevis Head (to chain link – common, or end link), etc.

Maximum Depth

No depth limit

Service Life

Up to 52 years


Connectors can interface directly to mooring chain, LTM shackles, H-links, Y-links, sockets and other mooring jewellery

Anchor Types

Suction pile, driven pile, gravity bases, drag embedment anchors, SEPLA anchors, torpedo anchors and any other subsea structure


FPSO, FSO, drill ships/platforms, TLP, buoys, SPAR, tidal energy devices, floating wind turbines, buoyancy restraints, flowline tiebacks, semi-submersible platforms and other moored structures


Diverless and ROV-less for rapid subsea installation, compact design that does not compromise on robustness or strength, no T-bars or protrusions, a patented triple locking mechanism (TripLOK™) that remains fail-safe even during zero loading or inversion


Current approvals for forgings up to 600 mm (24”) diameter, the world’s largest single forging diameter approval for a mooring connector

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