Balltec RigLOK™

The RigLOK™ connector offers a secure and robust connection and disconnection method for new and existing mooring systems. Designed to meet the demands of drilling rig station keeping, the RigLOK is suitable for any temporary mooring system operating in arduous weather conditions including icy environments.

The RigLOK™connector enables release under load in all operating conditions, allowing disconnection to take place closer to potential weather threats. This innovative solution maximises the time kept on station and avoids costly, unnecessary disconnections.

The release-under-load mechanism is driven by internal hydraulic accumulators and initiated by an encrypted sonar signal. The 2-way communication protocol provides the operator with status feedback before disconnection, whilst safety interlocks prevent undesired operation. The ability to make multiple and sequenced mooring disconnections offers complete rig control.

Simple and quick on-deck pre-deployment operation requires minimal resources and time. The RigLOK™ is also quick to re-install after disconnection, reducing downtime and dynamic positioning costs.

Features and benefits of RigLOK™

  • Allows disconnection of mooring lines under full load in all operating conditions
  • Immediate disconnection enables vessels to remain on station for longer, or even avoid disconnection entirely if environmental threats diminish
  • Secure and reliable operation due to the use of encrypted sonar, dual redundancy electronic modules and operator interlocks
  • Rapidly replaceable battery module offers 18-month life for whole season lifespan in icy waters and volatile weather regions
  • Direct to chain interface for quick and simple connection on deck without the need for shackles or H-links
  • Efficient load path through minimal load-bearing components offers inherent integrity. Environmental seals and internal corrosion protection ensure reliability

Additional information


8 414 kN / 858 mT / 1 892 Kips as standard, alternative MBL and chain size easily accommodated

Maximum Depth

1000m maximum as standard

Service Life

5 years as standard


Direct to chain – 76 mm to 84 mm stud mooring chain – Grade R3 to R5


All load bearing components are machined from ABS, DNV or BV certified material

Certification Class

All RigLOK connectors are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the relevant certification body


All the technology, including the mechanical connection, electronics, communication and hydraulic system, is field proven and industry trusted

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