Flexible Recovery Tool (FRT)

The Flexible Recovery Tool (FRT) was designed to meet industry requirements in order to recover flexible risers and pipelines in a cost-effective manner and to reduce the long-term environmental impact of subsea infrastructure being left in place on the seabed.

Balltec has completed an extensive program of research and development in order to determine the best method for gripping the riser. Subsequent in-house testing using a decommissioned 9 inch ID riser supplied by Equinor resulted in a proof load capability of the prototype tool of 264 mT.


  • Enable long sections of cut risers to be recovered from the seabed without the need for an end fitting / pulling head
  • Can be easily modified so that various diameters of the riser can be recovered using a single FRT

Additional information

Riser Size

The FRT can be adapted to suit a wide range of riser diameters and wall thicknesses


250 Te subject to riser type / construction

Maximum Depth

No depth limit




The FRT is designed to be inserted onto, grip and recover a cut end of Flexible Riser. It is hydraulically activated for simple operation via an ROV

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