Balltec LiftLOK™

Balltec LiftLOKTM tools provide a simple, robust, high capacity method for connecting and disconnecting heavy loads to and from lifting devices. As a purely mechanical device, containing no hydraulics (hydraulics are not required to ensure the integrity of the gripping mechanism but a hydraulic release is available on request) and requiring minimum ROV intervention, LiftLOKTM products are ideally suited for the deployment and retrieval of equipment to and from the ocean floor.

Features and benefits of LiftLOK

  • Next-generation large ball design providing greater re-usability over a broader range of internal diameters
  • Remote release collar option permitting radio-controlled release*
  • Mechanical or hydraulic release for ROV operation*
  • Lighter and more compact than all comparable products
  • Fail-safe design means it cannot be released under load
  • Larger clearances offering easier insertion and removal
  • Lower parts count offering increased reliability
  • Simple disconnect for re-usability*
  • Bespoke tools designed for any unique application

* Zero-load condition only therefore no risk of accidental release

Amongst other applications, the LiftLOK™ has been used for:

  • Mud mat deployment & retrieval
  • Subsea decommissioning
  • Buoy handling
  • Pile handling
  • STEV-tensioning systems
  • Conductor installations
  • Deployment of mooring systems




BALLTEC LIFTLok Conductor Installation:

BALLTEC LIFTLok Pile Deployment:

Additional information


Up to 1,000mT available. Larger capacities on request


All load bearing machined components manufactured from forged bar to Balltec proprietary specification


All LiftLOKTM tools are designed, manfactured and tested in accordance with DNV Standard for Certification No. 2.22 Lifting Appliances

Mating Connection

Any existing tubular sections, free issue drawings for matching receptacle fabrication or supplied complete

Maximum Depth

No depth limit


Interchangeable adaptors available to suit all types of lifting equipment

Customisable Features

ROV interface, remote connection and release, acoustic release, integrated cameras and data acquisition instrumentation. Project specific features can be incorporated upon request


Diverless, rapid subsea insertion, default locked state with high mechanical pre-load, simple operation allowing multiple subsea connections and disconnections, lighter and more compact design than all comparable products without compromising the robustness or strength


LiftLOK™ tools can only be released under zero-load condition, ensuring no risk of accidental disconnection

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